Terratonics is a new startup focused on bringing sustainable products to the construction market.

Geo technical science/engineering recognises that firm ground/soil conditions can support substantial loads without any deflection.  This combined with the knowledge that MMC’s are at least half the weight of a traditional concrete/masonry buildings, has  allowed Terratonics to design a totally integrated solution. We have achieved this by using a combination of both natural and futuristic composite materials to create a sustainable structure capable of supporting both large and small buildings.

Concrete is the most used construction material in the world.  It is responsible for the release of 8% of the world’s annual CO2 emissions.  In 2018, 37 Billion tonnes of CO2 gas was emitted through human activities, of which concrete production accounted for 3 Billion tonnes.

To put this into prospective, natural occurring global forest fires release 5% of the world’s CO2 gas which equals 1.85 Billion tonnes & global volcanic actives emissions of CO2 gas was just .3 Billion tonnes.  Concrete production is also responsible for consuming 3 Billion m3 of water annually.

Urgent action is required to address climate change & water conservation.

Building using alternative sustainable solutions is crucial to aid the survival of our planet and its resources.