Building Greener, Faster & Stronger

Terratonics is a green tech pioneering foundation system, which allows modern methods of construction to completely detach from using environmental damaging concrete. We provide sustainable solutions for the following sectors:

Concrete Free Foundation Systems for MMC Housing
We design, build and install Custom Modular Buildings for the Retail Sector
We design and build Modular Student Accommodation
We design, build and install high quality Offices, Living Spaces and Guest Rooms for your garden.
Quadplex - Modular Social Housing by Terratonics

The Terratonics foundation system allows modern methods of construction to fully detach from using concrete in the base of a building. Allowing for these huge environmental savings on the foundation and ground floor alone.

The 4 site deliveries include 3 loads of crushed stone aggregate and 1 Terratonics delivery

Benefits ComparisonConcreteTerratonics
Cost Percentage Savings Foundations and Floor 130m2 £21,668£15,841
Elements/stages of build Item37.00 18.00
Deliveries & surplice removal13.40Item34.7613.40
Total Carbon Emissions -4.514Tonnes34.00 -4.51
Water used in Production and on site m 3 17.000.00
Base Volumetric flood displacement equivalentm 3 75.50.3
Build time allowing for recommended curing times Days21.01.0
Tensile strengthMpa12.00 56.00
Compressive strengthMpa28.0056.00
Fatigue in seismic areasPoorExcellent
Skill Requirements HighMid
Ease of use it remote areasPoorExcellent
Low local environmentally impactHighLow
Level of labour effort requirement HighLow
Hazardous handling, toxic dustHighNone
Suitability in Seismic ZonesLowHigh

The table above represents various soil types which can be found from site to site without ground improvements. The ground build up can be designed to suit site specific ground conditions and the buildings associated loads. Site drainage around the buildings perimeter should be included to allow ground water to drain away from the buildings footprint, this will alleviate frost heave in cold climates.