About TechnologyRobust pioneering concrete free foundation system

TERRATONICS is disruptive technology that offers a robust pioneering concrete free foundation system to offsite manufacturers of Modern Methods of Construction systems (MMC’s): such as, Timber Frame, Light Gauge Steel Frame and Structural Insulated Panels Manufacturers. Terratonics will allow these offsite manufacturers to replace expensive environmentally damaging concrete in foundations and subfloors.

SolutionsBuilding Greener, Faster & Stronger

Terratonics is a green tech pioneering foundation system, which allows modern methods of construction to completely detach from using environmental damaging concrete.

The Terratonics foundation system allows modern methods of construction to fully detach from using concrete in the base of a building. Allowing for these huge environmental savings on the foundation and ground floor alone.

FactsThe Importance Of Sustainable Construction

Concrete is responsible for 8% of CO2 Emissions annually. To put in perspective global forest fires account for 5-10% of CO2 emissions while Volcanic activity accounts for .13%
The Miracle Material?
When cement based concrete arrived in 1850 it was stronger, faster and relatively inexpensive compared to other building materials (a miracle material)
CO 2
Constructing a concrete base 7.5m x 7.5 m releases 18 tonnes of CO2, 10,000m 3
Fresh Water Consumption
Annual concrete production is responsible for 9% of global fresh water consumption, this is comparable to the flow rate of the Niagara falls for 350 hours (which is 3 billion m3 a year)

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